10 best gifts for new mums

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It’s not always easy getting a gift for someone, but what do you get for a new mum? She’s just been showered with everything her little one could want and you know that very little of those gifts were intended for her. Here are our thoughts on the matter.

1. Sleep

If you could bottle sleep it would sell and make a small fortune. Sadly, sleep and its effect have not been bottled yet. You can however offer the new mum an hour of rest by lending a helping hand in the house.

2. Take cooked meals to the family

Make a few meals that mum can freeze. This will save her having to cook for a while at least. For an added extra, get some of mum’s family and friends involved – have each one prepare a single meal in the same fashion. If the freezer is too small, that’s okay, you can stagger out when friends and family prepare their meals.

3. A milestone album for her newborn

When you make the transition into parenthood, your children become everything. Those milestone moments are among the most precious. Give the new mother a gift that will help her remember and preserve the best memories of her child.

4. A thoughtful and encouraging journal (for her personal use)

New mums have a lot going through their minds; a journal can be the best place to de-muddle the chaos. Choose a journal that makes use of uplifting quotes.

5. A photography gift card

Any new mum will love you for this. Which mum doesn’t want to have a stash of photos all of her gorgeous newborn?

Cheeky side note: I do photography gift vouchers!

6. A true and solid friendship

There will be many changes and every new mum faces a variety of adaptations. Sometimes a true friend is all mum needs to see her through the crazy, confusing and surreal moments that come pre-packed with caring for a child.

7. Really comfortable slippers

Mum’s going to be spending a lot of time walking around in the house; she’ll need a pair of slippers that are warm, comfy and easy to put on (without bending down or using a hand to put it on).

8. A magazine subscription – 1, 2 or even a 3-year subscription period

Make sure to find out what her favourite magazine is and whether she prefers the printed version or the digital one.

9. Clothes for the baby – for when he or she is older than 2 months

Ok, so mum has just received a ton of baby clothes for her child, but we’re willing to bet our focus lenses that most of those clothes were for the newborn stage and the first three months. Right? Right! So purchase clothes that the little one can wear much later down the line. Of course, styles change, so consider giving a gift card to mum, so that she can choose for herself, closer to the time (don’t forget to check the expiry date of the gift card).

10. A small basket of goodies

Mum’s just been through one of the most traumatic, yet exhilarating experiences of her life. Handpick a few items that you know she loves and make a small hamper for her. Don’t be afraid to add in a few personal things like underarm and a new facecloth. With a newborn around, it’s likely that these things will be second priority on her list, and she’ll love you for saving her the trip (and the headache of having to think of it).