4 Family milestones worth documenting with photography

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Any family event is paparazzi worthy, we think. Like the first time your little one smiles, and those first steps. What about the very first haircut? Dad’s amazing promotion, and mum’s first book signing definitely make the list too. But there are a few events that just shouldn’t be missed and it’s these memories we feel absolutely must make it into the family album.

The birth of a child. The welcoming of a sibling into the family

“Uh, that’s obvious isn’t it?” I hear you say. Guess so, but it’s such a big event, it couldn’t go unmentioned.

Photographing birthdays

Most people feel that the time goes by way too quickly and that when they look back, the moments are lost in memory. That’s why birthdays are the perfect time to take images. Not only is it an event, it’s an event shared with loved ones and friends.

Make a note to take a headshot of your child in a similar position every year on his or her birthday. You could make a family birthday album, where your images are placed side-by-side each year. As a family, it’s a lovely way of tracking your growth and the development of your children.

Take pictures on the first day of school and the last day of school

As well as the most special academic achievements in between, are all events that not only make mum and dad proud, but make the whole family proud. Showing your support by memorialising these events will help your child garner a sense of pride in his or her own achievements. Even if your child is not necessarily academically strong, encourage them to achieve the things they are strong in and make a point of taking photos so that they can return to that moment anytime.

An engagement and a wedding, of course

Both of these made it onto the list together as they’re equally important, but sort of a similar event. Engagements mark the moment a promise is made, and weddings mark the moment that promise is carried through. They are wonderful memories of an incredibly exciting and special time in a person’s life. It’s the images people rely on to remember the moment.

It’s always a great idea to document the before and afters. Much younger children will love the “cause and effect” learning experience of before and after photos. Making sure there are plenty of images are a great way of teaching your children their family history, their immediate history I mean.

Every moment shared together is a wonderful event that is worth remembering through images. But I know it’s impossible to have that camera in your hand 24/7, and I encourage you to live life first-hand and be actively involved in those treasured moments with your family. That means that there will be many, many lost photo opportunities. That doesn’t mean you lose the memory. And remember, that’s why I’m here to capture those special moments for you.