Baby Shower Game Ideas

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Throwing  a baby shower?

Have you  been put i charge of baby shower games and have no idea where to start? Well here is a list of some fun and popular baby shower games.

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Off limits Baby

At the start of the shower give each of your guests a sticker, and let everyone know the word baby is off limits, if you catch any guest saying the word  baby then you have to take their sticker whoever has the most stickers at the end of the party wins.

My Waters Broke

You will need small plastic babies you should be able to find these in a party shop or somewhere similar. Place each baby in to an ice cube. Place an ice cube baby in each of the guests drinks and the first guest to de-freeze their baby has to shout “My Waters Broke” wins.

Dirty Nappy

Okay this one is a little gross, you will need some nappies and different types of chocolate bars, Melt a chocolate bar in to a nappy and have your guests try and guess the chocolate bar. And if you are feeling really adventurous you can have you guests taste the chocolate.

What’s the baby food?

For this game you will need a selection of different jars of baby food. Remove their labels and add your own labels 1 2 3 so on, make sure to keep a note of what each flavour is, and test your guests to see if they can guess what the flavour is.

Guess Mummy’s Measurements

This may seem mean, but its great fun. Pass around the group ball of wool and a pair of scissors and have each person cut off a piece of wool they think is the same size as the mum to be’s belly.

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Diaper Derby

Split your guests up in to small teams and give each time a roll of toilet paper, giev your guests 5 minutes to give a team mate a toilet roll nappy, the team with the best nappy wins.

Pass the Pacifier

You will need to separate your guests in to teams of 4 or 5. You will need a straw for every guest and a dummy (with handle) for every team. Have your teams stand in a line, the first in every line should put the dummy on the straw and then turn around to pass it to the next in line, passing the dummy across the straws. The first team to get the dummy to the end of the line and back again are the winners.

Baby Piggy Bank

Separate your guests in to teams of 4 or 5 and give each guest 2 twenty pence pieces. Each guest must walk/hop/waddle with a 20p between their knees to the other side of the room and drop the 20p in to a container (1 container per team) If they miss the have to start over. The winning team is the team that manages to deposit all of their coins in to the container first.

Watch What You Say

When the Mum to be is opening up present write down everything she says. Once she has finished opening presents tell the guests that this is what was said when the baby was conceived and have her read it out to the group.

Baby Bottle Drinking Game

Give each guest a baby bottle filled with juice, and have them race to see who can finish the bottle first, or in teams see which team can finish first.