Basic Composition Still Life

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Composition is how the elements of your image are arranged within the frame and is the key to making a striking image. In this blog post I will teach you some basic composition techniques to create a beautiful image.

Your Backdrop

Make sure that your backdrop for your composition is clear, there is nothing worse than a cluttered back ground. You want the viewers eye to be focused on the composition you have created, not what is going on in your kitchen behind.

Amateur flower photograph

Spend a little time setting up your still life

It is important that you get the most visually interesting composition as this will create the most striking images. If you are photographing a bouquet of flowers rearrange the flowers so that they look their fullest. If you are photographing a group of objects be aware of how your composition looks through your view finder. It can take a little while for you to get the perfect composition, trial and error is the best way to achieve a beautiful image.

rearranged flowers

Don’t be afraid to fill the frame

When photographing an object you don’t have to show the whole thing, get up close and fill the frame. Remember you aren’t taking a photograph of something, you are creating an image, which is beautiful in its own right.

Close up view of flowers

Think outside the box

Use your imagination you don’t have to try a recreate images you have seen before, be unique, be brave and try something a little bit different.

Birds eye view of flowers

Move around your subject

You don’t have to photograph from eye level, get up high, get down low, see what you can do with a little perspective.

Perspective flower shot

Be creative with light

Lighting is the most important part of photography, it can create the mood of your image. Be experimental, use natural light, use flash, reflect light off a nearby wall or use a piece of white card to reflect light where you want it.

dramaticly lit flowers