The Best time for Baby Photographs

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So you’ve had your newborn photography session when your little one was just two weeks old, and you want to keep documenting them as they continue to grow, but when is the best time for Baby photos.

There are a couple of good ages for baby photographs but I think its best to go by milestones. Each baby will develop in their own time, and to ensure you get the best possible photographs of your little person you want to document them as they reach those big milestones.

Best time for Baby photos


Tummy Time

Around 4 months, although different with each baby, is the next best time for baby photographs as your newborn photo session.

Make sure your little one is happily holding up their head and should when on their tummy, this is usually around 4 months old.

Make sure to book your photo session at a time of day when your little one is at their best, have had a nap and are full of smiles, the morning is usually best for this.

I recommend you avoid booking a photo session between 3 weeks old and 14 weeks old, at this time your little one is not going to be strong enough to let you take all the photographs you would like.

Best time for Baby photos


For a lot of babies this happens around the 7 – 8 month mark but can be earlier. Book your session when your little one is happily sitting un-aided.

At this age you can expect a lot of cheeky grins and lots of lovely mid leg and mid arm rolls.

Make sure to book your baby photo session when your baby is confidentially sitting, more then a couple of seconds. You will want to arrange your session for a time of day that your baby is usually at their best.

Best time for Baby photos


Your little one will stand when they are ready this could happen at 10 months this could happen at 14 months.

For this age group you might want to consider an outdoor photo session, most babies at this age are very excited to get up and go and are unlikely to pose on a backdrop. So choose a location and let your little one explore the great outdoors.

Outdoor sessions are great all year round, don’t worry about the weather, each season brings a different look and feel to your photographs. Plus how cute would your little one be all bundled up for winter!

Why not include some family portraits at this point?

Best time for Baby photos

Cake Smash

You might want to document baby’s first birthday, and a cake smash photo shoot is a great way to do this.

Let your little one have a great time by smashing up a big iced cake to celebrate their first birthday. You might want to let your little one try some cake/ icing in the lead up to their cake smash so that they know what to expect when the time comes.

Sit back and enjoy watching your baby explore the new textures and tastes of a big cake!