Choosing your Wedding Photographer

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 Choosing the person who is going to be capturing your big day is very important. These are the lasting memories of your special day and you want them to be perfect, here are my top tips to making sure your day goes without a hitch.


 Don’t leave it till the last minute

The best wedding photographs get booked up very fast, make sure you aren’t disappointed and book your photographer as soon as possible. Be prepared to pay a deposit to secure your photographer for your wedding day.

Meet up with lots of photographers

Make sure to meet up with a few different photographers and see what they have to offer. It’s very important that you are able to get on with your wedding photographer as this person will be there on your big day, you don’t want anything to spoil your day especially someone who you cannot stand!

Sign a contract

Protect yourself, make sure you sign a contract with your photographer that clearly outlines what you have agreed, you will need this if you have taken out wedding insurance. Make sure that your photographer cannot cancel on your last minute.


Have your photographer show you all the photographs from one wedding

Make sure you see photos from an entire wedding from your wedding photographer, many photographs will put their best photographs on their website, you don’t want to receive your photographs to discover the photographer hasn’t done your wedding justice.

The photographer may have some lovely shots of the bride and groom but may not have any good photographs of the speeches.

Have an Engagement shoot

Why not book an engagement photo shoot with your photographer, this will help you to become more comfortable in front of the camera, it will also let you get to know your photographer better. It will also give the photographer and idea of your tastes.


 How much money should I budget for my wedding photographer?

Remember that your photographs are the only thing you will have after your big day, so its important that you choose a good photographer, it has been said that your photographer should be your next biggest expense after your venue and food.

There is a lot of background work that goes in to being a wedding photographer and this is reflected in the price, if the price sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Meet your photographer more than once.

Make sure you build a relationship with your photograph this will help them get to know you and allow them to get an idea of your personality and tastes.

View your venue

Its a good idea for the photographer to see the venue before the big day take your photographer with you when you visit your venue.  You can discuss where you would like to have your group photographs taken and also your bride and groom photographs. You can also discuss things like where you will have the photographs in case it rains on the day.


Write a list

Most importantly these are your photographs, make sure your photographer knows what you want from them, make sure that they can provide the photographs you want. You may want to consider writing a list of photographs you would like for your photographer to ensure you receive the best possible  photographs .