Decorating your nursery room

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When it comes to decorating your baby’s nursery room, small spaces don’t have to mean the end of big ideas.

Painting the nursery walls

The general rule is to pick a light colour when painting the walls in order to keep the room looking airy and open.

You don’t need to entirely give up on bright colour choices, however. You can make your child’s nursery unique with a creative and colourful border or some fun decals. Painted accents are another great choice and stencils make it easy to jazz up your baby’s wall.

Remember that drawing the eye up will help to make the room seem larger.

Lighting your nursery room

The best lighting will be ceiling or wall fixtures instead of a stand up or table lamp. You’ll also want a decent night light and it’s as much for you as for baby. Middle of the night feedings are much less trying without stubbing your toe in the dark or waking you both more than necessary with illumination that is too bright.

Getting the right cot bed

When looking for a cot, consider getting a convertible model that will become a bed as your baby becomes your toddler.

In order to make sure your change table maximizes storage space, it absolutely must have ample drawers or shelves. If you’re really pressed for space and decide to forgo a change table, there are great over-the-cot versions that can be used independently from the cot after your baby has graduated to a bigger bed.

Another option might be to have one that attaches to the wall and can be folded up when not in use.

Nursery room furniture ideas

The goal is to conserve as much floor space as you can, so concentrate on the height of the room as much as possible.

You can make the most of your vertical space by looking for furniture like tall one-door wardrobes or wall shelves that are above eye level.

Always remember that any particularly tall furniture should be secured to the wall for safety.

Wall decoration and storage ideas for your nursery

Instead of bookshelves, consider picture book rails. Decorative hooks and hanging netting are two more ways to store things and the back of the door is perfect for your little one’s laundry bag. Look for small and unique storage to fill the awkward spaces, the nooks and odd corners of a room, and don’t forget under the cot. Decorative boxes or baskets are found in a variety of sizes and shapes, and can keep any number of necessities out of sight.

Whether you are low on space or whether you’re just trying to keep it simple, don’t let yourself panic about what you do or don’t have; in the end, all your baby really needs is you.