Guessing Your Baby’s Gender

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Boy or girl?

Many couples like to keep their baby’s gender a surprise for when the first meet their little bundle of joy. However you can’t help but guess what you may be having.

There are lots of different myths and old wives tales that claim to tell the gender of your unborn baby, they are all unproven but many ladies claim they work, will they work for you?

High or Low

This might just be the most common, if you are carrying high your are said to be having a girl and if its low it’s a boy.

The Wedding Ring Test

Suspend your wedding ring over your belly on a piece of string, if it swings left to right you are said to be having a girl, but if it rotates in circles then its a boy

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Nub Theory

This is a relatively new theory, it states that by looking at your 12 weeks scan you can work out your baby’s gender by the “angle of the nub”.

At this 12 week stage each baby’s genitalia looks the same, a small nub which is visible in the scan.

The nub theory claims to be able to tell sex of your baby dependant on the “angle of the dangle” of your baby’s nub.

According to the theory if you are having a girl the nub will stick out horizontally whereas boys will point upwards.

Drano Test

This test can be unsafe due to the fumes so I don’t actually advise any one try it.

The idea is to mix the mother’s urine with drano crystals, and if the colour changes or gets darker in the first 10-15 seconds you are having a boy but if the colour doesn’t change you are supposedly having a girl.

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Chinese Gender Birth Chart

This is based on Chinese Luna calendar and takes in to consideration the date of conception and your age.

There are a few different websites which allow you fill in the details and will tell you according to the Chinese Gender birth chart whether you are having a boy or a girl.

Chinese Gender Birth Chart

How’s dad doing?

Another myth says that if the father puts on weight during your pregnancy you are said to be having a boy.

Heart rate

Another theory is based on the baby’s heart rate during pregnancy. It is said that a heart rate of 140 beats per minute of less is said to be a girl, where as anything over 140 is said to be a boy.

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Morning sickness

It is said that if you suffer badly with morning sickness you are more likely to be having a baby girl, whereas ladies who have very little morning sickness will have a baby boy.

Skull theory

Skull theory is another theory that uses your ultrasound scan, the idea is to look out for male and female characteristics in your baby’s head shape, you can find more out about the characteristics here

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Have they worked for you

I would love to hear from any mothers who have had any success with these old wives tales or theories.