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2013 Wedding Photography

So its been a great year for weddings, and as the years draws to a close I would love to share with you some of my favourite wedding photographs from this year. I have had the pleasure of meeting some amazing couples and experiencing some fantastic weddings around Hampshire.

Matthew and Claire’s Botley Park Hotel Wedding, Southampton

I photographed Matt and Claire’s wedding at the McDonald Botley Park Hotel back in May. After a few weeks of really bad weather Claire and Matt were very lucky to have a really sunny day for their wedding.

It is a fantastic venue with lots of beautiful backdrops for the wedding photographs and lovely bright rooms.

Matthew and Claire’s Wedding

Wedding Botley Park

Purple wedding cake purple bouquet

Wedding Botley Park

Matt and Michelle’s Royal Albert Yacht Club Wedding, Portsmouth

Matt and Michelle were married in July on one of the hottest days of the year, it was a beautiful wedding which took place at the Royal Albert Yacht club in Portsmouth.

The had the ceremony, food and the evening reception all at one fantastic venue.

Michelle and Matt’s Wedding

matt and michelle (2)

matt and michelle (1) matt and michelle (3)

first dance with bubbles

Susie and David’s Fairthorne Manor Wedding Southampton

Susie and David were married back in June this year at Fairthorne Manor in Botley Southampton. This was definitely a unique wedding, they had a military wedding, the ceremony took place at St Peter’s Church in Fareham.

Their evening reception took place in a marque at the Fairthorne, the kids were taken off for activities, and everyone could camp for the night.

Susie and David’s Wedding

St Peters Church titchfield

St Peters Church titchfield bride and groom

military wedding

blue yellow and white bouqute

Amber and Martin’s Titchfield Wedding Fareham

Amber and Martin were married at St Peters Church in Titchfield in August. They had a pink Parisian themed wedding. Their reception venue was the Bugle hotel in Titchfield.

We drove down the road to the Titchfield abbey for the Bride and Groom Photographs, which we just managed to do before the heavens opened.

Amber and Martin’s Wedding

titchfield Abbey

titchfield Abbey

titchfield Abbey

Sarah and David’s Wedding New Place Southampton

Sarah and Davis’d Wedding was another very hot day, there were married at St Mary’s Church in Warsash and then on to New Place for their reception.

They had a very traditional red and white theme which looked beautiful.

Sarah and David’s Wedding

newplace wedding (1)

newplace wedding newplace wedding

newplace wedding

newplace wedding


These are just a few of the amazing weddings I have photographed this year, I’m looking forward to all the weddings I have book for 2014, hoping for another year of great weather and beautiful weddings.