Maternity photo ideas

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maternity photography forest of bereExpecting a baby is such a memorable time in any woman’s life; of course you want to document every step of the way and every new inch of that gorgeous baby bump. So out comes the paparazzi phone ready for those cute maternity poses.

However, some phone-captured images can turn a beautiful memory into a gawking “oh my goodness, what was I thinking?” memory. Plus, after the first few hundred belly button images, the composition starts to get a little boring.

That’s why we’ve rounded up the 5 cutest and most creative maternity photo ideas:

Before and after photos

Okay, so this is not original per se. But the way you execute this can range from done that, to wow, that’s awesome. Being pregnant is not just about the bun in the oven, it’s literally about the transformation from person to parent.

So here are some quick ideas to get your maternity photography to pop – no pun intended

  • From heals and halter tops to flats and t-shirts. (This is really more about mom’s transformation)
  • From idea to execution
  • From empty to full, or from full to empty – wallet went from full to empty
  • From egg to dino
  • From seed to sunflower

Document the pregnancy

Take a photo of each new milestone, which could be a week-by-week rundown, your monthly check-up, or any other marker you decide on. You can be as creative or traditional with your images as you’d like.

Why not:

  • Make a moving picture or a stop photography video from your week-by-week photos. Be sure to wear the same clothes and make use of the same background, (a studio, uniform background or indoor area is great for this as it eliminates the possibility of lighting changes and weather problems.)

Story telling

We know how baby was made (that’s the fun part). What we don’t know is your version of it. We love this couple’s story – So that’s how babies are made, who knew?

We like the idea of dad blowing up a balloon. That could be a fun photo shoot right there.

What’s the baby’s name?

Have you decided on a name yet? Include the decision process in your photos. Roll the die and play a game of “guess the name” in your photos.

Funny aspects of your pregnancy

Do you crave anything in excess? Have you already popped a few buttons? Maybe you’ve obsessively bought baby clothes, even though you’re only 6 weeks along. Some of the cutest and most spontaneous photos are what we call action shots. Get your funny on and show your pregnancy as it is: sometimes messy, sometimes crazy, and often unpredictable. Maternity photography doesn’t have to be all frills and lavender powder after all.

Enjoy this special time growing your pumpkin, the attention and love that comes your way is simply glorious. Let your character shine and your excitement surrounding this amazing experience be the inspiration for your maternity poses. Be creative, go exploring, get messy, that’s our proposal.