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Mum and Baby classes in Fareham, Gosport, Southampton and Portsmouth

Being a new mum or expectant mum can be a very daunting time, having friends who are also experiencing the same thing as you can be a great help, but its not always easy finding new friends.

Over the next few posts I will be reviewing some mum and baby classes where you can meet new friends who are in the same boat.I will be attending classes in the local area top let you know how they can benefit you, your pregnancy, your baby and your family.

pregnancy yoga

Yoga Bellies – Pregnancy Yoga Classes

This week I have attended a pregnancy yoga class, run by Rachael Montgomery at Portchester community centre. I would like to thank the 6 lovely ladies who allowed me to sit in on their session and take a few photos to share with you.

If you have watched last weeks episode of Dragons Den you will know about yoga bellies and their maternity yoga franchise. Who won the backing from the investees to expand the business.

I thought the session was great  focusing on relaxation which expectant mothers need a lot of. The sessions last  75 minutes, allowing you to take time  out of everyday life to have some me time, to relax and stretch out those aches and pains. Pregnancy yoga is said to help and reduce those annoying and painful cramps which are common during pregnancy.

The classes accept mothers at any stage during their pregnancy however the course is  8 weeks long so make sure you don’t leave it too late. The 8 weeks costs just £64 and if you baby arrives a little early the session fees can be transfer over to their mum and babies yoga class which I will be reviewing soon. There are only 10 spaces available per week to keep the session very intimate and personal.

Pregnancy yoga

There is a huge amount of pregnancy and birth support given by yoga bellies, when you join you receive a welcome pack which includes a relaxation CD as well as lots of helpful information on birth and breathing techniques.

It works based on traditional yoga poses and stretches developed for pregnancy. The classes are designed around the bump to make sure you are comfortable and that each move is suitable and safe for baby. Ladies who are experiencing pains of the hips or back are able to do modified movements to help prevent further irritation, this way they are still included in the session.

A portion of each session is focused on breathing techniques preparing you for labour, it has been said that practising these breathing technique can help during labour and also reduce some of the pain.

Pregnancy yoga

You can find more information about the classes and find your nearest class on the Yoga Bellies website.

Rachael runs classes around Fareham, Gosport and Portchester on weekday evenings. for more information you can contact Rachel via email:

I would highly recommend Pregnancy Yoga for expectant mothers, there is such a great community fell to the group with each mother sharing experiences and advice. Each lady who attended the class left feeling clam and relaxed, and also excited about their journey ahead.