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I love snow!

I have lived in Plymouth for most of my life, and Plymouth just doesn’t get any snow, the ground is warmed up by the sea meaning any snow they do get melts instantly! In the 18 years that I lived there I think I saw snow about 3 times. I turn in to a big kid every time I see snow.

So the last two days I have been on “snow watch” this means every five minutes I have to get up and look out of the window to see if its snowing yet. Woke up this morning to snow and it hasn’t stopped snowing unable to go out to my photo shoot because of the weather I couldn’t stay in the house any longer so I went for a walk with my camera.

Photographing in the snow is very different and quite difficult, with all the light that reflects off the snow it makes the photos very over exposed.

I’m interested in impressionist art and how they portray snow within their paintings. Painting a snowy scene has a very restricted colour pallet with a milky white sky and endless white covering just about everything .The impressionists found that they could use unconventional colours like blues and purples and other colours that you would associate with the cold, these colours are used to build up shadows within the snow adding depth. This instantly makes the whole scene so much colder.

The impressionists were the first to use colour in this way, they were also among the first to paint on location with the invention of tubed paint, making it easier for them to leave the studio and paint in front of their subject and paint exactly what they saw. The impressionist used very small brush strokes which were still visible to the viewer this added a sense of feeling to the painting.

Here are a few of the photos I took today, I love the contrast that is created with the snow!