Soothing Your Baby With White Noise

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Trouble soothing your sleepy baby?

Soothing your baby isn’t always an easy task, and you may think you have tried everything in the book, rocking, feeding, going for a drive. But have you tried white noise?

It has been said that playing white noise to your baby can keep them calm and help them sleep.

I use white noise when I photograph newborn babies, I may be the only Hampshire based baby photographer who does. It makes my photo shoots much easier, and it is the best trick on the book.

Why do babies like white noise?

When your baby is in the womb they are use to the constant noises that your body makes, pumping blood, heart beating all the whooshing and wuring sounds, which are very loud. Life outside of the womb is strangely quiet for your new baby. Your baby will find it comforting to have these sounds around, they will be reminded of the comfort they had when they were still part of you.

White noise needs to played loudly to be effective, this can some times worry parents as they are afraid of upsetting their baby or even damaging their hearing, but if you think about it, your baby will be used to the sound inside your tummy which is very loud indeed.

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Baby Sound Machines

There are lots of baby sound machines out there that play white noise, with a lot of websites pointing to the Graco Sweet Slumber sound machine to be the best.

I personally like Ewan the Dream sheep, who not only plays low frequency white noise he also glows red, which again is supposed to simulate the sensation of being in the womb.

White noise around the house

There are a lot of these baby sounds machines on the market, however there are lots of soothing sounds around your home, which are free.

I have had many parents tell me during baby photo shoots what they use to help sooth their overtired and stressed out babies.

The vacuum, the hair dryer, the kettle seem to be the favourites from the parents of the babies I have photographed.

You will also find that your baby is calm with the TV on in the background, any background noise is great for your over tired and unsettled little one.

Sleeping baby girl

Phone and Tablet Apps

There are lots of different apps out there that you can download for free, and some they may cost you a pound or two. Most of these apps make a variety of different white noise sounds, it may just be a case of finding the right one for your baby.

I use an app on my phone called “Baby Soother” whenever I am photographing small babies, I was able to download for free on the android market, the sound keeps them nice and settled and they usually drop off to sleep. What is great about the app is you can choose the type of noise you want and set it to play for as long as you need.

Alternatively there are lots different Youtube videos that play white noise and go on for hours. White Noise