The Seven Wedding Wonders of the World

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We can get very comfortable with our lives in the UK to the point where we sometimes forget there’s a whole world out there for us to see. I’d like to share with you some of the most amazing and strange wedding traditions across the globe.

Wedding photo

1. The Swedish Wedding Kiss

As it turns out in Sweden there is a very cheeky tradition that involves kissing but it’s not between the bride and groom! If at any point during the wedding the groom leaves then all the guests will line up to kiss the bride and it works the other way around if the bride were to leave for a moment.

Swedish traditions

2. My Big Fat Greek Shoes

Over in Greece it’s traditional that before the bride puts her shoes on she writes the names of all her single friends on the bottom and by the end of the night the girl who’s name is still visible will be the lucky lady to get married next.

Greek traditions

3. The Russian Guardian

Our friends over in Russian have a lot of varied wedding traditions but the one that seems the sweetest is this one. During the wedding ceremony when the newly-weds are read their rites, they will normally stand on a red carpet, it is said that the first of the bride and groom to step on the carpet will be considered the guardian of the family.

Russian traditions

4. Full of Luck Down Under

In Australia it’s considered lucky for the bride to carry a horseshoe during her wedding day, this can sometimes be a gift from a guest or the bride can bring her own horseshoe. It should be worth mentioning that the horseshoe doesn’t have to be metal and that turning it upside down will make the good luck fall away.

Australian traditions

5. The Indian Tree Affair

As we move into Indian things begin to get a little strange, there is a name for women who are born under rare astrological period called Manglinks, these women are said to cause the early death of their husbands if they marry. So before these Indian brides can marry their true loves they must first marry a tree, following the marriage, the tree is chopped down and the curse remove and only now can they safely marry their true love.

Indian traditions

6. Blackening the Bride in Scotland

So Scotland is still part of the UK but there’s a tradition that’s worth a mention, which is the blackening of the bride where friends and family will create a concoction of the most disgusting ingredients you can think of (rotten eggs and fish etc.) and then throw it over the bride! This doesn’t actually happen on her wedding day and today it also happens to the grooms (that’s modern equality). The act of being covered in this black sludge is meant to prepare the bride for any humiliations that could be encountered during married life.

Scottish traditions

7. The Latin Loop

In Hispanic weddings, a lasso of rosary beads is placed around the newly-weds necks just after their vows and this is to show unity between the couple. There is also often some significance between who actually places the lasso over the couple’s necks.

Latin traditions

Weddings Around the World

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