Top 5 Wedding Dresses

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I spend a lot of my time going through wedding pictures on and along the way I’ve seen quite a few wedding dresses so I thought I would put together a top 5 of wedding dresses from the last few months of my favourites.

#5. Cheryll’s Wedding Dress


Cheryll’s wedding dress had some really intricate details and a pretty long train. The whole day was themed with shades of blue and meant that at the end of the day she was left with a stunning collection of pictures.

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#4. Vicky’s Wedding Dress


I really love Vicky’s wedding dress – it has a really different texture to it and ruffles throughout with a really lacy corset.

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#3. Georgina’s Weeding Dress


Georgina’s wedding dress had touches of diamantes but what really stands out for me the most here is just how perfectly white her dress is.


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#2. Runner-up: Robyn’s Wedding Dress

Wedding Winner

Coming in at second is Robyn with a very ruffled dress – I can’t stop looking at all the ruffles on the lower part of her dress. The corset is beautiful and so are the sequences along the top. Robyn was initially my choice for first place until I saw the next dress!

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#1. Winner: Jenny’s Wedding Dress

Taking the cake at number 1 is Jenny!


I think the lighting on this day was just perfect to really show off  this dress – my one word to summarise it is elegant.

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