Top Ten Baby Photographs

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Beautiful Newborn and Baby Photographs

I have been Photographing newborn and baby portraits for some time now and I would like to share with you some of  my favourite photographs of all the little sweeties. All of these babies are from around the Hampshire area, I am based in Fareham but I cover a wide radius.

All of my baby portraits are taken in the comfort of baby’s home this is the best way to keep baby relaxed through out the session, mum has everything she needs to hand if baby needs a feed mum can be comfortable knowing she is not on an hourly rate at a studio, I am very patient and I know that when it comes to photographing a newborn or an older baby you need to allow time for feeds and cuddles and naps. It’s also means mum can sit back and have a well deserved rest for a few hours whilst I do all the work. I am probably the only Fareham based baby photographer who does this.

Here are my top ten baby and newborn portraits taken in Hampshire


I love black and white photographs for babies it makes them look so angelic and really highlights all the details in their eyes.


I love this little sweetie cuddling his teddy as he sleeps.

sleepy baby

I find that a lot of babies pull funny faces when they are asleep, but I’ve found if you tickle the side of their mouths they may just give you a little windy smile.


Although light neutral colour usually work best for newborn babies, occasionally bright colours can really just make the photo.


There is nothing more adorable then fatherly love, I love this photograph.


This lovely little girl was only 4 days old when I photographed her, which meant she was still very sleepy and still had that natural curl that they have in their mothers womb.

img 3

One of my top tips for babies that are crawling is to put them in a basket or a suite case.


A simple pose but ever so effective.


I love to use props that are personal to the families I photograph, this basket had been covered by a family friend and given as a gift to the new mum.


Some babies really don’t like being unclothed, and that’s why these simple little wraps can really help, plus they look great!