Top tips for brides: Wedding flowers

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Top tips for your wedding flowers from the professionals. This post comes from Susana at Tiger Rose floral design Hampshire based florists with years of experience with wedding flowers.

Wedding flowers

Do some research

Firstly, before approaching a florist for your wedding, do a little bit of research. Look on pinterest, wedding blogs, magazines, start to build a board or scrap book of flowers you like. They don’t all have to be the same, you may like some arrangements for their shape or style rather than the colour, it maybe just one element you like, but it all helps when you visit your florist to show them your ideas.

Choose flower that are in season

Likewise a good florist should be able to show you lots of examples of flowers that would suit your ‘look’. Obvious, but ask your florist what flowers are in season in your colour ways. They will be cheaper, but also stronger and better quality, and seasonal flowers always work better than fighting the seasons!

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What is most important?

Even in summer flowers are expensive, so think of the arrangements that are most important. In my view the bridal flowers as they sum up the whole look of your wedding and will be in photographs for years to come.

Don’t let them go to waste

Table centre’s are important, but think of using containers you can keep so you can give your flowers away at the end of the wedding.

The Bouquet

When it comes to choosing your bouquet, firstly if you have a favourite flower, and its in season!, use it!! Secondly the shape and detail of your dress will dictate whether you have a hand tied or shower bouquet, and what style it will be.

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Make sure you hire the right florist for you

Like all your wedding suppliers it is important to get on well with them and feel confident they are on your wave length.

Get Samples

You won’t see your flowers until the day itself so get as much information as you can before hand, whether that be samples, pictures, colours or details of the flowers being used. And look at examples of the florists previous work , is it your style?

The Price

Lastly ask for a written quote before committing to anything and check whether this included VAT, setting up and or clearing the event, delivery of bridal flowers and hire of props. Sometimes these are included sometimes added on, so the price first quoted maybe be different to the final bill unless you check first.

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