Top Tips For Photographing Your Baby

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Tips for photographing your baby

Its not possible to have a professional photographer with you and your baby all the time so its important that you know how to capture the best photographs of your baby growing up.

Although having professional photographs taken is a great idea, its not something that most families can afford every month, so I have put together some top tips to help you capture beautiful photographs of your baby with whatever equipment you may have, be it your phone or your compact camera.

Natural light

The first most important part of photography is light. Natural light is very forgiving on baby’s skin and can mask any redness or blemishes which your cameras built in flash will only worsen.

Do not use your cameras flash if possible place your baby next to a big window and take advantage of the soft natural light.

Choose clothes wisely

Photographing your baby nude is a classic shot, but when photographing your child clothed try to keep to very natural colours as these wont date so fast. A plain sleep suit or baby grow is perfect, you don’t want to look back on these photographs in years to come and be off put by the garish colours and patterns.

sleeping baby

Photograph your baby asleep

If your baby is under a month old, photograph them asleep. Newborn babies are better photographed asleep as they are likely to cross their eyes or have one eye open and one eye closed when you try to photograph them.

Photographing your baby asleep will also make things easier for you as they are very still, and mostly happy to be move around.

Choosing an angle

Come down to your child’s level, and play around with different angles, get in close photograph the little details. You will find that different angles will better flatter your child’s face.

Take a mixture of full body shots as well as close ups of the face and shoulders.

black and white baby photography

Tummy Time

Put your baby down on their belly placing a blanket under their heads to support their head and neck, If you can place your baby’s arms underneath their head to keep them comfortable, this also looks very cute.

For older babies who are able to lift their own head place their arms and head on a cushion or rolled blanket this will help them lift themselves up that little bit higher allowing you to get a beautiful shot.

baby feet

Don’t forget the details

Make sure that you photograph your baby’s tiny feet and tiny hands, they wont stay tiny forever.

Have your wife/husband/partner cup your baby’s feet with their hands to give a sense of the size.

Convert your photographs to black and white, there is something so timeless about a black and white portrait, not only this but removing the colour can remove any blotchyness or blemishes from baby’s skin

Don’t be afraid to pose your child

Although not always that easy to do, posing your child can make the perfect photograph. Place your baby on a blanket and use cushions or folded blankets underneath the blanket to keep your baby in place.

Keep Shooting

Most importantly keep shooting, the more your photograph your child the more they will become used to the idea and will be more comfortable with having their photograph taken as they grow.

Keep your camera handy at all times you never know when that next milestone will happen, be ready to capture all those special moments.

smiling baby boy

Remember to back up your files

In this digital age its very easy to have your photographs stored on your computer but remember to make backups on other hard drives or on online storage, the last thing you want is to lose any of your precious memories.