Wedding Bouquet Ideas

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2013 was a beautiful year for weddings, and I’ve seen lots of beautiful bouquets over the year photographing weddings in Hampshire. Purples and Pinks seem to have been the most popular colour theme this year

There are many different types & shapes of bouquets to choose from the most popular seems to be the Posy bouquet, which is small and round.

Purples & Lilac Bouquets

Purple and white seems to be a classic combination with many of my brides from 2013 choosing these beautiful bouquets. each going for a different style and different flowers.

Below are some of the beautiful purple bouquets I have photographed this year,


Not forgetting the brides maid and flower girls bouquets.

Michelle’s & brides maids flowers below match the brides maids dresses perfectly.



Pinks & Fuchsia Bouquets

Pink has been another very popular colour this past year, I love Alison’s bouquet below from her Southampton wedding, a mixture of pinks and a beautiful blue broach for her something blue.



Amber’s stunning cascading bouquet was a mixture of light pinks and whites with classic ivy which was a perfect match for her Parisian themed wedding, the photograph above was taken from our bride and groom at Titchfield abbey in Fareham such a beautiful place for photographs.


Karen’s very simple yet stylish bouquet is a mixture of pinky roses and lillys, and very well suited to their intimate wedding.

Pink bridesmaids & flower girl bouquets

Flower wands are perfect for little flower girls like this one below from Emma and Lee’s Wedding. The stems of the flowers are tightens with pink ribbon and held in place with heart shaped pins.

lee_and_emma_wedding_20130510 (62) DSC_2291 0241010_21

Its important that your brides maid bouquets match yours many of brides go for a smaller version of their bouquet and some brides go for a slightly different style which might be all of type of flower from their bouquet or all one colour from their bouquet.

Jewel Bouquets

Jewel bouquets are very popular at the moment. Katie’s jewel bouquet below was a mixture of white silk flowers and broaches she had collected. The sparkles could also be found on Katie’s shoes, dress and headband. Katie & Ryan’s wedding was unique with a mixture of pastel colours. Katie and Ryan’s Wedding.





White Bouquets

White is a very classic colour for your wedding bouquet, but there are lots of ways you can spruce up a white bouquet and here are some examples.

Diamantés and pearls in the centre of the flower can add a little extra sparkle.

Rob + George 18.09.11_27 kirsty_and_samantha018

Blue ribbons were used by Kirsty & Samantha to tie their bouquets together and a little bit of green to add a little something.. Kirsty & Samantha’s Wedding

kirsty_and_samantha015 Juila and Reg

Yellow Bouquets

I love Lauren’s Sun Flower bouquet, yellow is not an easy colour to pull off but luckily all of Lauren’s brides maids suited their lemon dresses, with matching small versions of Lauren’s sun flower bouquet.

DSC_1571 DSC_1569


Susie’s blue yellow and white flowers were beautiful, and matching brides maids flowers. The blue is such striking colour which really stands out against the white wedding dress. Susie and David’s Wedding


david_and_susie (140) david_and_susie (123) david_and_susie (117)

Real or fake bouquets

Many of brides choose to have fake flowers instead of real flowers, in my opinion the silk flowers look just as beautiful as the real flowers and last a great deal longer. I have heard from many of brides that they have pressed their bouquets or a flower or two from them, and I have had a few brides who have tossed their bouquets. Whatever you do with your bouquet be sure to captures lots of photographs to remember these beautiful works of art.