Where to buy maternity clothes

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DSC_1537Hands up ladies if you can remember a time when being pregnant was all about covering the baby bump in baggy clothes? It’s certainly not a shameful thing, so why cover it? Luckily nowadays there’s a whole variety of designers and brands that cater just for you big-bumped ladies, and best of all, they’re stunning maternity clothes that will make you want to look for an occasion just so you can show your bump off in style.

We put together a list of retailers and online stores that are just perfect for that gorgeous glow so when you start showing, you can wear your cute maternity clothes with pride knowing that you look great. No more black bags for those drab days (yay!)

Seraphine Maternity Clothes


Our number one stop is a gorgeous boutique store situated in the Kensington, Marylebone, Battersea and Leeds areas. It has an online shop for those of you not in those areas.

The range is just gorgeous and has something for most occasions. Be sure to take a look at their stunning maternity maxi dresses, sure to make any mum-to-be feel like a queen.

Blossom Mother and Child


Free delivery for purchases over £100

This is another stunning boutique store that caters for just about any occasion. They also cater for the whole motherhood experience, from pregnancy to nursing, to baby apparel and toys. They’ve got classy to cute maternity clothes that are both stunning and practical.

Isabella Oliver – Maternity clothes


Free Delivery and returns on all UK orders

Isabella Oliver has an extensive range that includes items that are chic and yet look amazingly comfortable. This versatile collection is one of our favourites and is simply perfect for that naturally stylish look.

Tiffany Rose – Maternity


The Tiffany Rose online store is filled with stylish maternity dresses simply perfect for special occasions and elegant day wear. These dresses will make any expectant mum feel radiant. The day wear section features a large variety of especially gorgeous maxi dresses for a casual look as well as the more formal look.

Picchu Maternity clothes


This store offers the chance to shop by occasion to streamline your experience. Not only do they have a selection for the occasions that need that elegant touch, they also have options available in the everyday category, supplying cute maternity clothes that are practical and comfortable.

Mamalicious – Super cute maternity clothes


Free delivery on orders over £50

There are some amazing core items as well as key pieces for the pregnant mum to be found on this online store. Plus they have nursing wear and kids wear, so you can plan your wardrobe well with baby in mind too. This is definitely one of our favourite sites to find some great maternity maxi dresses for special events, as well as daily wear.

Don’t forget, it’s not always about how you look, but it’s also about how you feel. That is the key to a glowing appearance that shows you’re proud and excited over this new adventure, through every moment of your pregnancy.