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Are you looking for a unique and fun way of celebrating your baby’s first birthday?

Why not let your little one have some fun with a cake smash photo shoot. Let your little one smash up a big iced cake and allow me to take lots of fun photographs to remember the event.

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Cake Smash Hampshire

A cake smash photo shoot is a great and fun way to celebrate your little ones first birthday.  The idea is simple, give a baby a big iced cake and let them do whatever they like to it whilst documenting the whole thing.

The package includes the session at your home as well as 7 digital photographs which you can then print however you like

pink cake smash cake with gold stand

The Cake

The cake is provided by yourself to ensure there are no issues regarding allergies. It needs to iced with soft butter icing so it’s easy for your baby to break apart and smush.

If ordering  cake from a cake maker please ensure that there are not sharp sticks holding any fondant in place or that there are any small sweets on or in the cake. I recommend that the cake isn’t iced with red or chocolate icing as these do not look great in the photographs (I’m sure you can work out what it might look like when your child is covered in it)

cake smash photos hampshire

Before the session

Some babies find the cake quite intimidating; this is why I suggest that in the weeks leading up to your cake smash you allow your little one to try bits of icing or cake so they are familiar with it. You might want to give them a whole iced cupcake to allow them to get used to the texture of breaking up the cake.

I will need about 2m X 2m of space for the session, I photograph on paper meaning its easy to cut off and throw away most of the mess at the end of the session. If you have a hard floor we can use that would be great, if not and you only have carpet, please let me know before the session, I have vinyl we can place under the paper to stop your carpet being covered in grease.

Babies always want cuddles during the cake smash so please make sure you are wearing clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty. Please cover any furniture near by to where we will be doing the session, as I find a lot of babies went to go for a little walk/crawl during the shoot.

Plan your exit, you will want to think about your route to the bathroom to clean your little one up afterwards.

Portsmouth cake smash


During the session

The cake smash is a lot of excitement for your little one, and therefore the get tired very fast, they don’t always give you a lot of time and they will definitely let us know when they have had enough.

I always do a pre-smash shoot to capture some beautiful portraits before your baby is covered in cake. If you have any outfits you would like your little one in have them dressed before I arrive to ensure a baby is happy at the start of the session.

Sometimes they need a little encouragement to start breaking apart the cake and you may need to help them. Most babies will eat a fair bit of cake and you will find they get quite thirsty, make sure baby has some water close by.

cake smash blue icing baby foot

The Clean up

I recommend you have a clear up operation in mind, how to get baby to the bath tub without making too much mess. The majority of the mess is contained on the backdrop which is simply thrown away at the end of the session.

After the Session

After the session I will edit through the best photographs from your session. I will then provide you with an account on the client area of my website that you can log in to and view your photographs.

The package includes 7 digital photographs from the session; you can choose which 7 images you would like included and if you would like any extra digital photograph files they are just £20 per file.

Once you have let me know which digital photographic files you would like I will create a download of teh high resolution files and a print release certificate, which you will then be able to download from your account on the client area.

Once you have downloaded your files you can print them however you like.

Cake Smash photos

Hampshire Cake Smash Photography

I am based in Portsmouth but cover the whole of Hampshire and some of the surrounding countries. Travel is free for the first 20 miles from PO6, any extra mileage is charged at 60p per mile. Feel  free to contact me with your postcode for a travel fee quote.