Gift Vouchers Terms & Conditions

Definition of a Gift Voucher

A gift voucher is any photography service sold as a “gift voucher”. All gift voucher details are stored in a database to keep track of purchases and prevent fraudulent use of vouchers.


Accepted Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers will only be accepted if they are valid gift vouchers, you will need provide your gift voucher on the day of your photo shoot the prove ownership.

Once a voucher has been claimed it will be considered a spent gift voucher.

Should there be ANY reason for the photographer to believe that gift vouchers have been stolen or fraudulently claimed then the photographer may choose the terminate the session with no refund and a police report will be made.


Valid Gift Vouchers

A gift voucher will not be considered valid until full payment is received. This means that gift vouchers will be validated once the full payment is received and not before, this is to ensure cheques have cleared before vouchers may be used.

  • Once payment has been received for a voucher it will only remain a valid gift voucher until the expiration dated on the ticket, at which point it becomes and expired gift voucher.
  • Spent gift vouchers and expired gift vouchers are not considered valid gift vouchers.


Spent Gift Vouchers

When a voucher has been used once the unique code will be checked off from a database of valid gift vouchers, this will render the gift voucher spent.


Expired Gift Vouchers

Vouchers that have expired will no longer be valid and you will be unable to:

  • Claim any photo shoots
  • Receive or request a refund

Any and all expired gift vouchers may be honoured entirely at the discretion of your photographer. However, while every effort is made to ensure customers are happy there is no guarantee that expired vouchers can be claimed.


Lost or Stolen Gift Vouchers

If your gift vouchers are lost or stolen don’t panic, just fill in the contact form on the website explaining your situation. You will still be able to book your session so long as you can be verified as the rightful owner of the lost or stolen gift voucher. The lost or stolen gift voucher will need to meet the criteria for a valid gift voucher. All voucher information is also stored on a database and should be easy to validate.



All gift vouchers are non refundable under all circumstances. You may only receive a refund at the discretion of the photographer.