Preparing for a baby photography session

Baby Boy photography

For babies older than 1 month please use this as a guideline for preparing for your photo session

When should I book

There is no best time to book a baby photo session but you may want to have a few photo sessions at different points in your babies development for example newborn, 3 months 6 months and 9 months.

Happy Baby

Its best to choose a time when you know your baby is going to at his best, usually this is just after nap time, baby should be nice and alert to avoid any tears during the session. I always allow up to 3 hours for a baby session, as some times your baby may just need a little nap to or a feed or a cuddle for mum or dad, just to cheer them up.

How much space is needed?

For babies who are not yet sitting up all the space I will need is a sofa chair and a little space around for my kit. And for babies who are sitting and starting to crawl, I will need a little more space, usually a living room is enough space.

If the weather is good your may prefer to have some photographs of your baby taken outside, I only advise this for baby who are already sitting up by themselves.

How long does the session last?

The sessions can last up to 3 hours, depending on how your little one is feeling on the day of the session, your baby’s happiness is priority throughout the sessions, so if your little one isn’t too happy and need a little nap or a cuddle from mummy that’s fine so please don’t worry about time I’m not in a rush.

Clothes and Props

If you do not wish to have your baby photographed nude then light natural colours work best for small babies between 1-5 months. Brighter colours with no logos or designs work for older babies. Hats and headbands and other accessories look great for older babies too.

If you have any props you would like to add to the photos that’s great, some prop ideas are; your babies favourite toy or teddy, or maybe a prop which reflect your family, a football is daddy’s a big football fan.

Little accidents

I know that little accidents are going to happen that’s why everything in my kit is washable so please don’t worry about any of my blankets or props.

Other things to consider

  • Its important that only mum and dad are present during the session, as too many people in the room can be overwhelming for your baby.
  • Too many changes of clothes can be upsetting for your baby, if you would like to have a change of clothes your baby please keep it to a maximum of three.
  • It may take a little while for your baby to get to know me and feel comfortable with me, if this is the case I will make sure to get to know your baby before starting to photograph them, to avoid any distress and tears.