Preparing for a newborn photography session

If your little one is 4 weeks or younger than use these as a guideline for preparing your little one for a newborn session.

When should I book?

It is best that newborns are photographed as soon as possible, any time before 14 days will provide the best photographs of your new baby. You should book your session before baby arrives to avoid disappointment.

You can provisionally book a session about 10 days after your due date, I will send you a text or email around this time to see if baby has made an appearance yet, if not we can always move the session back a few days.

Even if you haven’t book in advance, please get in contact I do sometimes have session become available throughout the week.


newbornWhy should my baby be photographed so early?

Babies under ten days old are still very curly and squishy which is important for capturing some of the sweet sleepy newborn poses.

The older baby gets the more alert they get which makes its very tricky to be able to capture the sweet sleepy newborn poses that we love.

If you haven’t already booked your session and you would like to please contact me as I sometimes have spaces that become available throughout the week. It is sometimes possible for the newborn photo shoot to take place later than 3 weeks. It becomes a bit more of a challenge we we will be limited to the types is poses we can create.

Sleepy babies

Newborn photographs are taken whilst baby is asleep, although some wide eyed shots are possible, most newborns whilst awake tend to cross the eyes and can be very irritable. This is why we aim for to get baby to sleep for the session. There are a few things that you can do to help the session run as smoothly as possible;

If possible try to keep baby awake for a little while before the session

Undress baby about half an hour before I arrive, keeping nappy on wrap baby in a nice warm blanket to keep the comfortable. Its easier to take a blanket it off a sleeping baby than a sleep suit.

Keep the room we will be using nice and warm, its important that baby is comfortable, we might be too warm but baby will happy.

Aim to feed as I arrive, please do not worry if this isn’t going to plan.


Where is best to take the photographs

The newborn session takes place in the comfort of your own home, you don’t need to change out of your PJs if you don’t want to. You will have everything you need to hand so you don’t have to worry about change of clothes or feeding.

Take the time to relax sit back and enjoy a hot cup of tea (I’m sure you won’t have had a hot cup of tea in a while!)

Clothes and Props

I recommend that baby is nude in the photographs, clothes tend to date your photographs quickly. Newborn clothes tend to be quite baggy and difficult to work with when posing baby. I carry with me a lot of wraps to cover baby up.

Nappy can stay on during the session, and can be hidden under wraps and blanket. Everything in my kit is washable, so please don’t worry if there are any accident, it happens all the time.

If you would prefer baby to be dressed in the photographs  I advise that baby is dressed in neutral colours such as creams and whites or very pale pastel colours. Very simple clothing is best such as plain baby grows preferable with the hands and feet out.

My style is very neutral, I like to focus on just baby however  if you have any props you would like to include in the photographs please let me know at the start of the session.


Lots of babies have milk spots, baby acne, blemishes, little scratches and dry skin, please don’t worry, these things can be edited out after the session. Please don’t put off your session waiting for baby acne to clear up, it’s important that the session take place while baby is still tiny ( 6-21 days old)


Other things to consider

Its important that only mum, dad and siblings be present at the time of the session, the fewer people the better, too many people in the room can be distracting for baby.

I know that newborn’s can be difficult customers I always allow 4 hours for each session, I am very patient and mum and dad should not be worried about my time.

Please don’t worry if your little one is being a pickle on the day, its very common and we will get the photographs done.

I know your baby may need mummy or daddy time through the session, I work around your baby’s needs so please do not feel worried if you baby needs to feed or cuddle throughout the session.

Do not worry if your little one has any little accidents on any of my blankets, it happens in every session and everything in my kit is washable.

Most importantly having a new baby is a stressful time in your life, please take this time to relax a little, sit back and enjoy watching your baby look adorable.