Preparing for your Baby Photo Session

Baby photo sessions are good fun, there are a couple of things you can do to ensure that your session runs as smoothly as possible and that we are able to capture the best photographs of your little one.

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Time of the Session

Its important that your little one is in a good mood, my session times are flexible so we can book your session in at a time where your little one is at their best.

I offer early morning photo sessions as most babies are at their happiest in the morning. I can book out a whole morning, and if nearer to the time of your session your baby’s routine has changed that’s not a problem we can move the photo shoot about a little.

Outdoor photo sessions work a little differently because of the lighting, during the spring and summer months my outdoor sessions take place early morning around 8am, they can also take place late in the evening around 7.30 but this isn’t always suitable with a small child.

Before the Session

Depending on the time of the session I recommend that baby has had a nap and has been fed to ensure they are nice and happy for the session. Babies do often fall asleep during the photo shoot, please don’t worry if this happens, usually we can let them have a little cat nap and they wake up and let us have a few more shots.

Choose which outfits you would like your little one in, I recommend prioritising, 1st outfit, 2nd and 3rd outfit, not all babies will give you a lot of time to photograph, so make sure the outfit that is most important to you is photographed first.

If you are having an at home photo session, I will need a bit of space about 2m X 2m, I can usually fit my equipment in to most homes, but sometimes we may need to move a table out of the way.

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Outfits & Props

You can change your little ones outfit a couple of times throughout the session … if they allow you to! I recommend that outfits be neutral, with no bright colours, bold patterns or text, as these things can be very distracting and can also date your photographs quickly.

For an indoor session baby can be in just nappy if you would like that class shot, if possible I recommend a plan nappy with no characters or bright colours on it. There is always nappy covers/ pretty pants to cover up nappies.

Props are great fun for older babies and it can keep them happy through the photo session, I would recommend keep props neutral such as brown teddy bears. I carry with me a few props such as buckets to put baby in and also scarves to give a pop of colour and texture to your photographs.


Most babies get hungry throughout the session so having some little snacks to hand is a great idea, nothing too bright in colour such as strawberries which may upset baby when we need to clean them up.

I recommend something small that baby can hold, sometimes small snacks can be hidden in the hand whilst we photographs keeping baby happy and not spoiling the photograph.

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If your baby has had a bump before their photo session please do not worry, cuts and scrapes and bruises can be edited out after the session. If you are worried before your session because your baby has had a little bump please don’t hesitate to contact me.

I carefully edit through the best photographs from the session, and its is very common for babies to have spots, dribble rash and dry skin, these can all be edited out after the session.