Prints and Products

I offer a variety of different prints and products to perfectly present your precious family memories in your own home. These products are of the highest quality and will last you a life time.

Linen Folio

This beautiful 6×6″ linen folio is perfect for displaying your newborn photographs or even your wedding photographs. They make the perfect gift for grandparents.

The folio comes in a range of coloured linens and is fold-able to keep in a bookshelf or keep it out on display on the mantle.

Price: £40.00

linen Folio

Signing Frame

The signing frame is a unique guest book for your wedding day. Frame a photograph from your engagement photo session and have your friends and family share their weddings day wishes around.

After the wedding day you can change the photograph to one of your favourite wedding photographs and cherish the memories for years to come.

The signing frames comes in a variety of sizes, with different size mounts for the amount of guests.

Price: £63.00 – £85.00

signing frame


I offer a variety of sizes to suit your room. These beautiful fine art wraps are 35mm deep and come in sizes from 10″ x 8″ to 40″ x 36″.

These canvases are perfect for displaying your family, baby and wedding photographs.

Prices: £47 – £263

fine art wrap

Float Frame

This beautiful float frame comes with a white or black frame and a large choice of background colours and patterns. The sizes range from 8″ x 8″ to 30″ x 24.

You can also choose to display one image over two levels, or have one image displayed above the background to give your photograph more depth.

Price £60.00 – £185.00

float frame

Bevel Edge Print

The bevel edge print is a beautiful way to display your wedding and family photographs with a small framed boarder around your photograph. It comes with the choice of a white or a black bevelled frame which really makes your photograph stand out against your wall.

The bevel edge print size ranges from 10″ x 10″ to 60″ x 40″ to suit your wall, wherever you choose to display it.

Price: £50.00 – £377.00


bevel edge print


High quality prints for framing from 10″ x 8″ to 60″ x 40″. Beautiful quality colour corrected prints.

Prices: £7.00 – £209.00


CD & USB’s

Digital files can be put on disc or USB. Each come in their own folio case to keep them safe.

Folios come in different colour linen, leathers faux leathers and also image wraps for a personal touch. Etching can also be added for wedding dates or baby names.

CD & Folio Price: £33.00

USB & Folio Price £45.00

CD folio

Why buy your prints & products through me?

All of my products and prints come from a high quality image lab who only print for professional photographers. The benefits of having your photographs professionally printed means they quality and colour of the print will be at the highest. Your products will last a lot longer as the images are treated in a way which means they are unlikely to fade over time.