Preparing for your Engagement Photo Shoot


Your Engagement photo shoot is a great way for you to get to know your photographer before the big day, and also for your photographer to get to know you as a couple, it’s important I as your photographer know a little about your tastes I like to know what sort of photographs you like.

You may want to use these photographs for your invitations or for a signing frame at your wedding so you want them to be perfect, this my guide to achieving the most out of your engagement photo session.

The Location

The location is key to creating the best engagement photographs of you and your fiancée. You may want to choose your favourite place, the place where you first met, the place he proposed or even your wedding venue.

It’s best that the location has meaning to you. Your wedding venue is a great idea as you can spot the best places to take the photographs on the big day, and it allows your photographer to know exactly where they can take the best photographs on your wedding day.

If you are stuck thinking of a good place for the session, think of places with lots of greenery as they work well for the photographs, or perhaps the beach. Its a good idea for your location to be interactive with lots of places for you to sit and enjoy your location.

Be prepared to go for a walk, its a good idea not to stop in the same spot, you may get ideas for photographs you want along the way.

There are some beautiful locations are Hampshire such as the New Forest, as well as some rustic beaches along the coast.

What to wear

Its important that you are comfortable in what you are wearing, if you are feeling insecure this will no doubt show in the photographs. Bring two outfits, perhaps a formal outfit and a casual outfit that you can change in to so you get both looks.

Dress for your location, you don’t want to look out of place in your photographs

You may want to have your hair and make-up professionally done, or book your hair and make-up trails on the day of your engagement session, this will not only make you feel great but will also let you see how you will look on your big day and allow you to make any changes.

Other things to consider

You may want to find some photographs of other engagement photo shoots to show me before the session, if there is a particular pose you like or a particular style

Why not bring some props along, these could be silly or things that display a message.

Think about the time of day, its best to avoid midday sun as it can be very unforgiving. Sun set is a great time for couples photos are its very romantic and the light is beautiful.